Frequently Asked Questions

How much is all this going to cost me?

The cost of our services depends upon whether you engage us for a specific project or on an ongoing basis.

Ongoing or ‘as needs’ work is charged at an hourly rate and enables you to address hot spots, bibs and bobs, and important issues as they arise. The good news is you can put the accelerator or brake on this work to suit your budget and requirements at any point in time.

For project-based jobs our aim is to provide you with budget certainty and a fixed delivery timeframe. We work with you to understand the facts and information up front in order to provide a detailed, no obligation, quote.

Can you really help us get where we need to go? Can you help us fix what’s not working?


We all know that in life it’s hard to get ahead when we don’t face up to our problems. The same goes for organisations. Those which are heading in the right direction are the ones which can make the tough decisions without wasting time.

At Consultative Care Options our depth of practical, operational experience provides an outside and independent perspective. We know how a successful service operates. We also know what it should look like.  We work with you to identify the issues, ask the right questions and develop the solutions you need to fix the problems.

Ultimately, ‘fixing’ what’s not working is about assisting you to become a successful and efficient organisation which delivers industry best practice and exceptional care to others.

How do we know our IP and organisational information is kept confidential when you are working with other organisations in this field?

Our clients know us as their trusted experienced partner.  As you take confidentiality seriously in your care for your clients, so do we in our work for you. We are part of the aged care industry and have built our credibility through demonstrated experience which gives our clients confidence in our discretion and professionalism.

You will notice on our website we don’t mention any names. This is deliberate and intentional. If we share any information, it is done with consent and filtered with consideration given to industry best practice and the needs of our clients.

Multi-cultural organisations – understanding

We specialise in working with multi-cultural care organisations. We are proud of our demonstrated experience and have a deep understanding of the unique aspects of providing support to culturally and linguistically diverse clients.

Our solutions are designed to be culturally appropriate and are tailored to the needs of our clients as well as the people for whom they provide care.

How flexible are you around timeframe /location?

At Consultative Care Options our clients aren’t just a number or an invoice. We consider them as family.

We walk alongside them, get to know them and work around their timeframes and their business needs.

Agility and flexibility are key to our approach.

Sometimes circumstances beyond our control mean we can’t always jump on a plane to see you in person. However, this does not hold up the work we do for you.  In fact, not having to wait for a face to face meeting can ultimately save you time and money. We use virtual communication and conferencing facilities to maintain close connection with our clients no matter where they are in Australia. We aim to provide an efficient service which delivers the best possible outcome in the most expedient manner.

We walk the talk, which means we actively demonstrate what we encourage other organisations to do…

…constantly reflect, be future focussed, remain flexible and agile.

Haven’t found the answer to your question? Please contact us.